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Welcome to The Gettysburg Homestead. We are located in Orrville Ohio, which is in Wayne County just a hop skip and a jump from Berlin (The heart of Amish Country.) You will find a mix of primitive and colonial goods available for purchase. Many of the items you see are made by me, my boyfriend Steve, or my best friends Rose, Michele, and Pam . Most of the goods will be one of a kind so grab them while you can. Thank so much for visiting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Please be aware anything ordered tonight until May 13th will not ship until at least Monday May 14th.  I am working everyday late except Saturday, which I will be packing orders for shipment on that day. :-)  This will be the last update for a few weeks until I can go through my totes once again and clear out.  All of the most recent items came from my actual decor I was using.  Anyway, thanks for looking.

Large metal candle pan (I used it behind other plates to look like a charger plate.) $5.00 + shipping.

Very heavy metal candle holder $5.00 + shipping.

black wool  penny "purse" hand made locally in Ohio $10.00 + shipping.

 Courting candle holders... Dad's used to use them when a suitor came to court his daughter.  He would light it and once the candle burned down to the top it was time to leave.  So you would wind the candle up or down depending on whether you liked the boy or not. lol.  $4.00 each + shipping 1 LEFT

SOLD Grungy jars made by me left $4.50 each + plus shipping.  When purchasing please let me know which one by saying 1,2,3 going left from right.  If you you buy all three you can have them for $10.00 + shipping

Signs painted by me. Black pineapple sign $10.00 + shipping. SOLD Mustard sheep 11" X 15" sign $11.00 + shipping

Small candle holder (grey over red then aged) made by Steve painted by me $12.00 + shipping.  Large candle holder grey over black ( not aged) made and painted by Steve $15.00 + shipping.

Black candle holder is a bit wider than the other 2 and is in between the two sizes above.  $13.50 + shipping.

old quilt pillows $4.00 each plus shipping. The one on the right is sold.

Tavern Sign.  This is a printed sign on paper then put on a wood backing. $5.00 + shipping.

#3 sold
 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 sold
 2,3  sold
3 sold
  4 sold
5,7 is sold

All salt dough ornies come with a jute hanger.  $1.00 each unless you buy more than one then they are $.75 a piece + shipping.  Please tell me which picture top to bottom and what number you would like.

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